Webmaster: Kathryn Ploetz

Kathryn Ploetz, the now grown up daughter of the author, is an aspiring baker who puts together websites on the side.

Inspiration: Ned Ploetz

Ned, protector of the Ploetz family, has gourmet tendencies that have earned him the gourmand title.  He always preferred human to canine company, and as a result his wanderings around the East Village led him to many astute observations.

Illustrator: Clement Oubrerie

Clement Oubrerie, illustrator and film maker, lives in Paris creating all manner of art. Clement recently was awarded the cesar for his work, the Rabbis Cat.

Author: Richard Ploetz

Richard Ploetz, playwright, fiction writer and tv producer, takes his inspiration from his beloved corgi, Ned.   Richard lives in the East Village which is rich with material for Neds observations.

The Strip

Clement, Richard and Ned formed a friendship when the Frenchman acted as the five-year old Katies au pair for one year.

NedToons was literarily conceived on a paper tablecloth over dinner in a local East Village Italian restaurant, Col Legno. 

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