Ned is an overweight Corgi (Welsh Pembroke, that is) who lives at the top of a fifth-floor walk-up in Manhattan’s East Village. His family includes Carol and Richard and their eleven-year-old daughter, Katie. Ned is a philosophic canine whose thoughts often reflect upon human folly. He encounters humans and animals on travels around the Village (on the end of a leash to be sure). He interacts with his family and animals in the building: a black cat on the first floor, a dog on the fourth floor and a mouse in his apartment (number nine). Ned also has a country life when he goes with his family to their old farmhouse in northern Connecticut. There he encounters neighbors, farm animals and “nature in the raw”. Ned is generous-spirited. He is a very sympathetic character who appeals to a reader’s intellect, emotions and sense of humor.


Ned’s “boss”, a good-hearted somewhat naïve man with a beard.


A no nonsense woman who has reservations about and possible allergic reactions to Ned coupled with occasional irresistible impulses of affection.



The spirited, smart, eleven year old daughter of Carol and Richard.


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